Friday, November 27, 2009

Thing #18 - Delicious

In Thing #17, we talked about tagging. Well, Delicious ( is a site that takes tagging to the next level. Delicious is a social bookmark manager that allows you to bookmark a web page and add tags to categorize your bookmarks. You can use it to store your links, share them with friends, and discover new links and articles.

Many users find that the real power of Delicious is in the social network aspect, which allows you to see how other users have tagged similar links and also discover other websites that may be of interest to you. You can think of it as peering into another user's filing cabinet, but with this powerful bookmarking tool each user's filing cabinet helps to build an expansive knowledge network.

A few examples of how libraries are using Delicious already:
* Toms River Information Services has put together a huge set of helpful resources, and organized it with tags. Make sure to click "all tags" in the right hand column to see all of the tags they've used.
* Check out Stafford Branch's version of The Southern Regional Middle School's
Summer Reading List from a few years ago (much better than a pdf file!)
* The College of New Jersey uses in place of
traditional subject guides and pathfinders to help students find resources (scroll to bottom of page to see cloud)

So what do you have to do?
Go to Explore the links there.

* Click on Fresh Bookmarks to see what's been posted most recently.
* Click on Popular Bookmarks to see what's hot.
* Click on Explore Tags to browse through tags.
OR just try out a search, like travel tips or craft tutorials or recipes.

Then, write a blog post about delicious. Do you think this would be useful? How would you use it at the library or for your personal links?

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  1. sorry, not impressed with probably something I wouldn't ever use