Friday, October 9, 2009

Thing #5 - Google Power User

As internet users we have a tendency to use Google routinely multiple times a day. Chances are that most of us are only using a part of what Google offers. Google is changing almost daily from adding small refinements to adding whole new services. One part of becoming a Google Power User is keeping up with Google. Another part of becoming a Google Power User is knowing where to go to find what is already available and how to use it.

For a quick introduction to Google’s extras, please read David Pogue's recent article from the NY Times: Geniuses at Play, on the Job How many Google features, services or tips mentioned in the article were new to you? To begin the challenge start by clicking About Google on the Google homepage.

Notice everything from the stories behind the Google Logos, to the Google Blog and a must for any aspiring Google Power User, Google Labs is linked here. Google calls Google Labs its technology playground where they try out new ideas.
Be sure to read about all the projects still in the Labs (even on the 2nd page!) and check out the links for the Google Labs alumni on the left of the page.

Books are available in Google Book Search fulltext, selections or snippet view (a few sentences before and after your search term) depending on the copyright restrictions. Use Google Book Search to get so much more out of your book collection than the subject headings in the catalog can possibly give.

To complete this Challenge, try out something from David Pogue’s article or from Google Labs and blog about what you learned.


  1. Today I visited Google Labs and followed FluTrends. In NJ, there is already a high incidence of flu virus outbreaks. Yikes

  2. Just used Google SMS texting to text my younger son from Gmail. He was surprised and impressed!