Friday, October 2, 2009

Thing #3 - Web 2.0 Awards

So we've mentioned Web 2.0 a few times already in the challenge. You might be thinking to yourself, what exactly is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the current trend in computer/internet technology that allows the user to create, share and distribute content to others. So what does that mean? Let's say you have a Facebook picture and you posted pictures from your vacation to your profile, allowing your friends and family to see what you did. That's an example of using Web 2.0.

Or you found a video that someone posted on YouTube of their pets doing something cute. That's another example of Web 2.0.

SEOMoz puts out their annual Web 2.0 Awards, which lists the top new online services ranging from genealogy resources to travel websites to even music and television. Here's a sampling of some of the award winners:
  • Hairmixer- A website where users can upload images of their face so they can experiment with their hairstyle without having to go to the barber/salon.
  • Yelp- A local guide where you can comment and review everything in your neighborhood, including what restaurants to go to or avoid, where the best laundromats are and what the best places to visit on your vacation.
  • BBC iPlayer- Have you ever wished you could watch some of the popular British sitcoms and dramas? BBC iPlayer is an online service that lets you watch all your favorite British television programs for free over your computer!
Your thing for this week is to explore the Web 2.0 Awards list and make a blog post about your experience using two services/sites you found out about.

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